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Phantom batt

The battery discharger for drone operators
Inspire, Mavic, Phantom, Matrice

Phantom batt

Calibrate your battery with the press of a button.

DJI recommend deep-discharging (cycling) every 20 cycles. The Angel deep-discharges Phantom and Inspire batteries safely and reliably, at a constant rate of 1C ensuring minimal wear to the batteries.

Don't wear your motors or risk a premature landing.
Phantom batt

"Calibration/discharge can be a PITA sometimes. That's why I got one of the Angels. Well worth it.
They're a good piece of kit and work well. Storage charge mode is brilliant as well."

(Mark, The Editor of

Discharge to the perfect storage level and maximize your battery's life and flight time.

Manufacturers (including DJI) state that LiPo batteries should be stored at ~50% charge if left for more than 24 hours.

DJI’s auto-discharge function takes at least 3 days to discharge - that’s not good enough.

The Angel discharges to the right storage level in under half an hour.
Phantom batt

Trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike, including...
Designed for quality and value for money.
Optimized for fast but safe discharge (25min)
Customized circuitry to protect your battery
Designed to accommodate essential heat dissipation
Built with high quality materials for maximum durability

At a great price, from $79.99 for Phantom and $99.99 for Inspire.

Demonstration videos
See the Angel in action (offical demo video).

Independent reviews
Check out reviews and testimonials of real Angel customers

"The Inspire Angel is absolutely fantastic, and Alex is super responsive to emails for any questions you may have.
I've used mine for about a month and absolutely love the simplicity of his design."

(Doublehorn on
Hi I’m Alex and I’ve been an RC and FPV addict for two decades now. Battery performance and maintenance has been hugely important for me, especially for long range FPV flights so over the years I’ve spent countless hours learning how to care for LiPos properly.

When I got hold of my Phantom I was shocked that there’s no easy way to store its batteries properly so I went ahead and built a dedicated device for my own use.

Having built more for friends and fellow pilots and driven by the great feedback, I’m now making it available to those who want to take better care of your batteries.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.

Alex is the author of the number one guide to FPV, “The Beginner’s Guide to FPV”. He’s also the creator of the and, online tools used by the FPV community as well as 8 ways to increase your drone's range.
He is also the proud owner of a long range Zephyr, Firefly6, Phantom, FPV ladybird… you get the picture (yes, I’m an addict!)
"This clever device allows you to reach storage level for your DJI battery on demand and it will also calibrate your battery to 3.3V at a much faster rate if you don’t want to fly your battery to 3.3V.
If you are looking for a functional discharger at a budget price, the Phantom Angel will meet all your requirements."

(Lynh Phan)
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Frequently asked questions
  • Do you post internationally?
    Absolutely! Postage cost is added automatically when you order and it is flat rate for delivery globally

  • Does it discharge sufficiently for correct calibration?
    The Angel discharges until the smart battery shuts itself off - so you get the maximum out of calibration without damaging the LiPo

  • What do people think about the Angel?
    Check out reviews and testimonials of real Angel customers

  • Any tips on how to properly maintain my batteries?
    Sure thing, check out this concise guide on maintaining your DJI batts

  • What does DJI say about storing their batteires?
    DJI themselves recommend storing batteries discharged to around 50%

  • How about other drones?
    Customers have used the Angels on a variety of drones, including Autel Robotics, DJI's Matrice 200 and Matrice 600. Have a look at the full list.

  • How much can I trust any estimate of battery capacity?
    Estimating remaining capacity is not very precise. Find out more about the magic of estimating capacity.

  • Feedback? Comments? Questions?
    Drop me a note at [email protected]

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