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Ready set drone
"Nice job Alex! This thing is very very cool, very well made, it really seems to do the job!"

Full review on Ready Set Drone's Youtube channel

Phantom batt
"Its been a lifesaver, I don't have to sit with my batteries discharging over three days, I can discharge them over 15 minutes and life is good"

Full review on CaptainDrone's "Favorite things" Youtube channel

Phantom batt
"If you are looking for a functional discharger at a budget price, the Phantom Angel will meet all your requirements."

A detailed review of the Phantom Angel v3 for Phantom 4 by Lynh Phan on Droneownersnetwork (and here for Mavic)

Phantom batt
"Anybody with a drone will know there is a big problem with batteries ... so I bought a box with a lightbulb on it... that's very clever!"

Mention of the Angel on Extrashot's 23rd episode (skip to 13:00)

Phantom batt
"A very effective way to discharge to LiPos to 50% is to do so using the Phantom Angel range of products. This provides a storage mode and can drain a fully-charged Phantom or Inspire 1 battery to storage level in under half an hour."

Mention of the Angel on Flying horse imaging's blog

Phantom batt
"A very useful device which should greatly simplify the job of caring for and extending the lives of your LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries"

Short review on Elevated Imaging Systems' blog.

Comments and feedback from customers
"I received my Inspire Angel several months ago and find it to be one of the most useful tools in my hangar. Well designed, constructed, and functionally sound, I expect it will easily pay for itself by extending the life of my batteries. I heartily recommend it to all operators."

Alex Fischer (Florida).
"Yeah - calibration/discharge can be a PITA sometimes. That's why I got one of the Angels mentioned earlier on in this thread. Well worth it."

The Editor,
"Phantom Angel. Get one of these,they are great,has worked every time for me"

"Hi Alex Sorry I haven’t replied earlier. But rest assured, it isn’t because I’ve been disappointed with my Inspire Angel. I LOVE it! It solves the ongoing problem I’ve had of charging more batteries than needed to do a job and then having to discharge the batteries to a storage charge until needed next. I find I’m using the Angel pretty much after every time I go flying... " "

Peter Skycam New Zealand/UpHigh Photos
"Hi Alex I am very happy with your product, it does an excellent job. I plan to upgrade to the Inspire 2 later this year, will you have one for the Inspire 2? Regards "

Henry Henry O'Leary Real Estate Agents
"“Alex’s Phantom Angel is one of the “must have devices” for professional and hobbyist DJI drone operators in order to store and calibrate batteries for reasons of maximising economic life and safety. He has built up an impressive and growing list of satisfied clients and his customer service is exemplary. "

Michael Morris, Flying Horse Imaging.
"Purchased the Inspire Angel January 2016 & received it March. Well worth the wait, Alex provides the GREATEST customer service, personally emailing me regarding the delay of shipping out my Angel, it was because he wanted me to have version 2.0. And now I'm FINALLY able to put the Angel to work for the first time 7 months later. Using 10 batts between two i1's the Angel is so convenient when calibrating the batts as well as getting them set for storage. Quality build that feels "solid" no complaints here!! Looking to buy a second one in the future, thanks Alex for a practical product as well as top notch service"

Ryan - Owner/Operator Hangar 808.
"The Inspire Angel is absolutely fantastic, and Alex is super responsive to emails for any questions you may have. I've used mine for about a month and absolutely love the simplicity of his design."

"I too will strongly endorse Alex's discharger. I received it a week ago and it works as advertised - deep cycled Inspire batteries in about 15 minutes. Great product - saves needless wear and tear on the aircraft"

"I can vouch for Alex's Angel. Great tool. I used to low hover until it dropped. So much more dignified now!"

"I bought one of the first Inspire units with the plastic casing and toggle switch some years ago and it is still going strong! Happy to wait as They are amazing bits of kit. You're doing drone owners a real service with these items. As you know batteries are expensive and keeping them in excellent condition extends their lifecycle. Thank you!

"Hi Alex, I am very pleased with my Angel. It is a fine piece of workmanship. I ran tests on both Mavic and Inspire 2 batteries and it worked perfectly. Thanks so much for making something that I wanted and will use often. I posted a comment on one of the blogs to let others know of my appreciation of the Angel."

"Yup - they're a good piece of kit and work well......just mind your eyes (the bulb is VERY bright) Storage charge mode is brilliant as well. It means you can go out with all your batteries fully charged and if you don't use them all just pop them on the Angel when you get home and bring them down to storage charge. That was a nightmare previously!"

The Editor,
"I use the Phantom Angel... I love it and it works well, too! But, I wanted to let you know a second use... I use it when I camp. Makes a great light when you add a shade or globe, as my wife did - and with a couple of full batteries; works well for outside / inside use"

Mike (TVEdit)
"This a great Product. I ordered one for my Inspire and my P2+, they work flawlessly. I bought a couple extra bulbs online, just in case. Haven't needed them, yet. I have cycled 4 TB48's, and 3 TB47's down to storage level due to bad weather, 3 times. Cycled all them down to the calibration level 4 times, so far. I have 7 batteries for my P2 also, same story, works GREAT......."

Steve T
"The Angel made my smart batteries actually smart"

"I DO APPRECIATE, your time, help, and understanding! You are a great guy, with a great product.
Thanks again Alex!
Phantom Angel ROCKS! "

"WOW Alex, she looks really nice!!!"

"I was on location on a shoot recently with no power and the sun was getting low. I had my I1 with me and happened to throw my Angel in my accessories bag. Fired it up in front of a flex fill and it added just the right amount of fill light to finish the interview. Love the Angel!"

"We love the Angel - it’s been a huge addition to our kit and makes it so much simpler to care for our LiPo batteries."

Rae, Pilot,
"Hi Alex, Received my Phantom Angel today. As a hobbyist and electronics engineer, I truly appreciate this product you have designed and produced, and the pride you take in the quality of your product! It is truly a product that everyone should be using to prolong the life of their expensive batteries! My only suggestion for improvement would be to put a cage over the lamp; something I am sure you have heard before! Brilliant product, Alex - thanks for making these for us!" "

Jeff I
"Hey Alex, First Angel arrived today! Absolute 10/10 product! Well done :). Couldn't be happier. Thanks again! Really looking forward to my combo second :) Cheers! "

"Hi Alex ! As far as my Phantom Angel is concerned, I love it ! Unfortunately due to life and weather I have not been flying much at all. The flip side to that is I end up using the Angel more than not due to having to maintain my batteries as they have been sitting most of the time. As I posted on your comment section, just yesterday I spent the day cycling all my batteries. As we had discussed prior to my purchase, I wanted to be able to use this on my Autel batteries. It has worked like a charm ! The Autel battery smart head must be very similar to the DJI batteries. This has reset the capacity counter on those problematic Autel batteries and made them perform like they should Thanks for all the help and for your great product ! "

"Hi Alex, We have been on an extended vacation so I missed your email without wifi. The Angel has been in frequent use since I received it several months ago and is especially useful when I am not able to fly because of long periods of high winds along the coast of Oregon. I often charge up all my batteries for the P4P and Mavic to take advantage of a weather window only to see the conditions collapse. The ability to take all the batteries back to storage condition is very useful and will most likely extend their service life. A few of my older P4P batteries have entered the reset time and the Angel has done everything necessary to accomplish that. The device is working just fine and I have no suggestions for improvement. If I can think of anything in the future, I will most certainly let you know. I have told friends about the Angel and at least one will place an order soon. Keep up the good work Alex!! All the best, "

" The Phantom Angel is appealing to me as I have 12 batteries for the Inspire as we can do 20 missions a day from a small boat with limited charging, so we need a pile of batteries and doing the right thing for them will be a whole lot easier with your unit. I looked at the four bank charger that has the store function on it, but portability is really important for me given the various boat platforms we work off. "

" Hi Alex, The Mavic Angel is awesome! The product is a very effective solution. "

" Pretty sweet little gadget. Gets the job done with perfection. And looks nice while doing it. Love It! Suggestion. Make a protector of some sort to protect the bulb while transporting. Thanks. "

Steve Koser
"Hi Alex The product arrived as expected. I've already tested it and it’s working a lot better than I imagined. It’s nice to have the option for storage or calibration. I’ve used the calibration mode yesterday and it took about 44 minutes do completely discharge an Inspire 1 TB47 battery. It’s outstanding because, to make the same calibration with the inspire, the battery as to be in the device, turned on, for more than 2 hours, even after a flight with 20% of remaining charge. This is a painful procedure and it always has it’s costs in the Inspire materials. Being connected and with all sensors active for so long it’s not a good idea for material preservation for sure. Thank you! Best Regards " "

Renato Department of Earth Sciences University of Minho
"Just wanted to say I absolutely love this thing! Awesome build quality, I have a mavic on order and will be ordering one for that as well. Do you have a instagram account I just want to give credit where credit is due Thanks again! " "

Chris B
"Alex, Love the Phantom Angel. I've recommended to a few people on Inspire Pilots. My only comment for improvement would be to have some sort of detachable cover to protect the bulb when it's installed. Since you can't touch it with bare hands, I prefer to leave it installed when I'm not using it. It would be nice to have some extra layer of protection so I don't damage it. " "

"Hi Alex, Yes i’m really happy with the two units I bought and use them constantly as I very rarely discharge all of the batteries i’ve prepped for the day’s flying. So the units are very useful indeed! "

Jon Skydrones
"Hi, Recieved my Angel yesterday for my Mavic. Works great! Thanks for a superb product. Strange that DJI don't have something similar or some kind of storage mode in their charger... But they probably want to sell batteries....?? Best regards "

Richard Sweden
"Hi Alex, I loved it when I owned it, but I sold it with my 2 Inspire 1's. It worked well, now I need one for my 14 Inspire 2 batteries!. "

"Hi, The Angel has performed well and looks very cool. Very well made also! My friends have been asking if they should buy Angels for phantom and inspire as well and I have told them that they should. I hope your business is well and growing! Sincerely, "

"Hi, Thanks for asking. Yes, it’s doing its job very well, I have cycled a few batteries and also put them into storage mode. A very good product ! Regards, "

"Alex, Well beings its the winter months here there is not much flying going on but the Angel keeps the batteries in perfect shape and I do not have to worry about cycling them in the Inspire to get them done to the right volts. The quality of the build it really good and looks professional done. I hope you are making something for the Inspire 2 as well. Great product. "

"I have used both Angels, P4 and Inspire) once since I received them. Both worked flawlessly, as expected. You do fine work Alex and I can't see how they could be improved. Wonderful job. I spread the word all the time about the Angels and hope that some of the people I talk to buy an Angel. I definately highly recommend the Angel. Thanx..... "

"I have used both Angels, P4 and Inspire) once since I received them. Both worked flawlessly, as expected. You do fine work Alex and I can't see how they could be improved. Wonderful job. I spread the word all the time about the Angels and hope that some of the people I talk to buy an Angel. I definately highly recommend the Angel. Thanx..... "

"Very nice, Alex. My plastic version is working great. But it's looks don't compare to what you have now !!"

Dave P
"Today I have received my inspire angel, I must say that it looks like as if it is built in a factory, the build and detail quality is top notch, I really liked it, I used it it works 100% and also, what impressed me is the 1 glove you added in the box, this shows that you care of your product in a great way, I would like to thank you for your craftsmanship keep up the good work."

Arto, Turkey.
"Hi Alex, I did get the Angel and have used it a couple of times. It worked perfectly and I was very happy to have this. Nicely made and most appreciated"

Ralph, Canada.
"Great, thank you. We really appreciate that! I'm already impressed with your excellent customer service... reaching out right away and letting me know delivery dates, etc. I have included our logo just below in .png format. Feel free to use whenever. Again, thank you for your innovative idea in helping us all simplify things in our busy industry."

Donald, The Netherlands.
"Just got back from vacation and decided to run my batteries through my new Angel. Currently # 2 of 4 going through the process. This thing is AWESOME!!! So glad I found out about you on the Inspire website, I will be spreading the word about the Angel. Makes the discharge/storage cycles so much better than trying to guess where the battery was in a cycle. Thanks so much for making the Perfect Tool !!!"

"Since @The Editor vouched for the PhantomAngel i had no doubt and it worked like expected, made a deep cycle with all my batteries and sent them into storage mode afterwards"

"Opinions that I’ve read from your product and service were outstanding. Now I know why!"

Renato, Portugal
"Received on Saturday, very impressed, now in the process of getting my batteries sorted."

Phil, UK